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Website Traffic Analysis Explained

As a website owner, tracking the habits of your traffic is an essential skill. You cannot truly know how well your website is converting unless you know what your traffic is doing. Website statistics are freely available for you to study, you just need to know how to read them.

Where do you go to find your website traffic stats? There are several choices you can make. If you operate a WordPress blog, you can choose from a number of different plugins that were created for the express purpose of analyzing traffic. Most are free, some are premium. There is also the free option of allowing Google to look into your traffic stats and report to you through their free program, Google Analytics. And your webhost probably included a couple of analytic tools into your cpanel. Two of the more popular statistical analysis programs are Webalizer and Awstats.

What you should look for
These programs were created to give you the ability to learn as much about the surfing habits of your visitors as you can. You need to know things like, how did your visitors find you? What keywords did they use to arrive? Once they got there, what did they do? How long did they stay? Where did they go next and how did they leave? All options being equal, let’s look at your Awstats page, since it is probably already installed in your site.

Go into your cpanel and choose the Awstats icon. If you only have Webalizer, you can use it instead. The layout will be different, but the information will be basically the same. This information may seem overwhelming at first glance, but do not let that deter you. A careful study of the elements this page brings you will help you understand your website traffic patterns.

The first section you see, at the top of the page, will have general, overall info about the number of pages viewed, hits received, bandwidth used, on a monthly basis. Further exploration will give you the daily stats. Go through the individual modules and see what you can learn.

You are looking for the answers to the questions above. You want to know how your traffic arrives and what they do once they get there. Carefully studying your Awstats (or Webalizer) information will tell you what want to know.

The keywords your visitors use to get to your site is vital information for you to know. With this information, you can start promoting the ones that seems to be bringing the traffic. Moreover, you can stop wasting time and effort on keywords that are just not converting.

If you notice that your visitors are only staying on your site for a matter of seconds, then that is a big red flag you should investigate. It means something is wrong.

Could it be that your visitors are having to wait an excessive amount of time for your page to load? Internet surfers are notoriously impatient and it is easy to lose them when your page takes too long. Having too many graphics on a page can do that.

Your site design might be turning them away. These days, it seems like everyone feels the need to fill every inch of the page with either text or graphics. It makes for a very claustrophobic experience. There’s just too much to look at, and when you are looking for something specific, it can be a real turn-off to have to hunt for it amid a sea of crap. Remember this rule: white space is your friend!

And speaking of the content of your pages, how is yours? Is the content that your visitors find unique? Or is it some hashed over garbage they have read a million times before. Or worse, if they get to your site and discover content that sounds like gibberish, they will leave in a big hurry.

There’s a lot more to learn about your traffic stats from these programs, and it would be in your best interest to study this matter further. If you hope to have success, or continue the success you have already achieved, then it is vital you learn these skills. Without them, you’ll never know why you succeeded albeit briefly, and you’ll never understand how to sustain it.

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