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What You Need To Know About Social Bookmarking

What the heck is social bookmarking and how can it possibly help you? Do you wonder about that at all? You should, because it can help you in ways you possible haven’t realized yet, and this article hopes to shine a little light on that subject to help. With this information, you can do some pretty amazing things for your website.

Social bookmarking means making a public bookmark of any given page or website in a place where others can find your bookmarks. If you are like I was, you might be asking yourself why. Why would one need or want to do that, make one’s bookmarks public? What exactly is gained from doing so? I knew that I had a perfectly good bookmarking feature in my browser that worked quite well, thank you, so why did I need a publicly stored version of the same? That was before I realized the marketing power behind social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a gold mine.

The way the Internet works is that, when you want to find some particular thing, you find a search engine and enter some keywords into the query box. Many people do it this way and have a certain amount of success at finding what they are looking for. But there is a growing population that has found a better way to find what they seek. They use social bookmarking sites like scribd.com and reddit.com to start searching. Why? What do they know that you don’t? Good question, that.

When using a search engine for searching, you type in keywords and let the S.E. do its thing. It will give back to you pages of links, usually in the hundreds. These are the links that it “thinks” are relevant to your search terms. It is up to you to slog through all those pages to find what you are looking for. True, there is an artificial intelligence applied to those pages that the S.E uses to try and prioritize which links it thinks are the most relevant to you, but it is only a machine doing that thinking, after all. That algorithm is not human and cannot make instant adjustments to improve the search.

When you use a social bookmarking site as your search engine, you are using a people-run search engine instead of a computer program-driven algorithm. It is human-driven. In other words, a human find a website he or she likes, and places a bookmark for it in one of the social bookmarking sites. Other humans come along and search for something and when they find the bookmark left by someone else, they can agree or disagree as to the relevancy of the bookmark to its corresponding keyword. Humans make the decision, not computer programs.

That’s fine, you may be thinking, but what about the fact that most people do their searching with search engines? It’s the way they’ve come to trust as a way to find what they are looking for. Well, that may be true, but there is another point to social bookmarking that we haven’t mentioned yet: social authority.

When a search engine sends out its spiders to crawl and index the Internet, your page will get found in a certain timeframe based on its history. In other words, if you update infrequently and you don’t have a lot of traffic to your site, the spiders aren’t going to come around as often.

Whereas, on a social bookmarking site that has hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors every day, and whose content is constantly updated, the spiders come along to index the new entries quite frequently. The traffic and content updating numbers are what determines how often the spiders will visit. The upshot of this is that the social bookmarking site that has your web page linked on it will likely get indexed long before the actual web page does.

There are two reasons why this is a good thing. First, the search engine’s LOVE this kind of link top your web pages. It will give your page more “weight” when it comes time to figure out how relevant it is to the keywords. True, it may be that the social bookmarking page your link is in must may get a higher ranking than your web page will, but that’s okay, it’s still going to lead to your page.

Second, since the social bookmarking site was indexed faster than your site, your site will get spidered and index faster than it would have had there been no bookmark made. Now that the search engine has spidered the bookmark, it is aware of your page and will come by sooner than it normally would have to crawl and index the page.

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