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Where the Big Money is in the Health and Fitness Niche

It has been, and is still constantly preached by the gurus that the health and fitness niche in one of the hottest and largest ever green niches for making money online. Well I can’t say for sure, but if it was, I think maybe that was how it was once, but times have changed.

Everywhere you look on TV now, someone is promoting health and fitness products. From healthy cooking, to exercise and fitness equipment, to every possible diet and weight loss program available.

We not talking about regular spokespersons, but major celebrities are being paid millions of dollars to promote products in the health and fitness niche. I remember it wasn’t too long ago that the health and fitness niche TV advertisers were using the retired, and has been celebrities, but now they are going after, and getting today’s current top celebrities to endorse their products.

So how are little health and fitness niche sites and blogs online going to compete against the major TV networks, and celebrities? Well it is said that if you can’t beat them, then join them. At this time, that just may prove to be sage advice if you are struggling to get yourself a small piece of the gigantic health and fitness niche pie.

Maybe you should consider promoting products in Amazon that you see advertised on TV and endorsed by the celebrities. Also, maybe consider joining the CPA networks that have as seen on TV products, and promote products that people see on TV every day and night.

After all, the deep pockets advertisers, and the celebrities have already paved the path, so why not cash in on it? The health and fitness niche may still be the largest and maybe even the most profitable ever green niche out there, but changing your marketing strategy may be the key for you to still make some money in it. The little reports, and e-books on some little obscure site or blog lost among the millions of other such sites and blogs on the internet just don’t seem to be cutting it any more.

Not ready to completely give up on marketing in the health and fitness niche in the manner that used to work? Then how about including the major TV advertised products that are celebrity endorsed in your current marketing strategies and do some split testing to see which is more profitable for you.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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