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Would you Pay for a List of Tire Kickers and Freebie Seekers?

I just came from looking around in the warrior forum, and happen to see a WSO(warrior special offer) being run that is supposed to show you 10 ways to build a list of buying subscribers. The OP gave away one of these methods that is included in the WSO. That method was to run a WSO and give away a product for free. I suppose if you bought the WSO, it would probably explain that since those folks on your list are more than likely previous buyers of WSOs’, it would be easy to sell them whatever you’re offering.

The way I see it is that you’re literally paying $40 to build a list of a hundred or so freebie seekers and tire kickers. Sure, some, if not most of the folks on the list have bought something before, but so have the same ratio of non warriors. Millions of people have bought something online before, but that does not mean they will want to buy what you are offering.

I mean, just because someone purchased a WSO product from someone else, does not make them a buyer as far as you’re concerned because they did no buy anything from you. So technically, yes, they are buyers, but, they are not buyers of a product or service from you, know you, and nor have you established credibility with those folks.

Here is a tactic I have used in the warrior forum to achieve the same results without spending a cent, and I even made sales to boot. What I did was spotted a hot selling WSO, and posted a comment offering a free report revealing a source that buyers could go to and use the WSO at. Hundreds of people subscribed to get the free report. In the report I revealed the source to use the WSO they purchased, and an affiliate link that complimented their WSO purchase.

Say for instance you spot a hot selling WSO that shows how to use video to build a list of xxxx subscribers a day. You make a comment on the WSO offering a free report that gives a review of the top three video editing software. In the report, you put an affiliate link to some PLR videos. You see how this works together? You get a list of buyers that is fresh and many ready to try out their new WSO purchase, you offer them a free report on video editing software, and you give a resource where they can buy PLR videos(affiliate link).

It has worked for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one it has worked for, and it can work for you too. So, knowing what you know now, why would you pay for a list of freebie seekers and tire kickers when you can get the same thing for nothing, and maybe even make some good money in the process? Also, when people buy through your affiliate link, you can then build your real own list of buyers who have actually purchased something from you, or that you recommended.

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