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You Should Study Organic SEO Methods

The first thing most people learn to do on the Internet is how to use a search engine. As the name sounds and as you might imagine, the search engine is a program that allows anyone to search for anything while surfing the Internet. Using sophisticated algorithms, the search engines seek to provide links to relevant web sites and web pages that it believes are good matches for the searcher’s query.

People build sites to be seen, it’s as simple as that. Anyone looking for information on a particular niche or topic of interest will be given page after page of links leading to relevant sites and everyone wants that site to be in that list. But with hundreds of thousands, even millions of sites out there, the competition is getting very stiff.

Getting in that list is easy. When a searcher makes his query, the search engines return a long list of links on pages called search engine results pages (SERPs). That’s the list that is easy to get on. However, getting to the top or anywhere near the top of that list is the efforts behind the science of SEO, search engine optimization.

The algorithm formulas that the search engines use are secrets that will probably die with the last guy to develop them. But after a few years of using them now, webmasters have been able to discern some patterns and clues as to what the search engines deem valuable, and this has become SEO, the methods of search engine optimization that should get a site closer to the top of the SERPs.

Using those patterns and clues to get to the top is the “organic search” method and it can take some time to accomplish. There is one way that is fast and easy, but it is also very expensive. You can buy advertising space on the first three pages of the SERPs. This method means bidding on keywords for placement and, depending upon the industry, can get really expensive. Big companies do this all the time, since they have the budget for it. But most small businesses cannot afford it and must rely on the organic method.

So, small businesses must use the organic method of search engine science to get their sites ranking well. It involves using the same keywords that potential customers and readers will use to find the site. Once those keywords are determined, they are applied to the website strategically so as not to overdo it and “game” the search engines. A second method of organic SEO is to get other websites to place links of their sites the lead back to the site in question. This is seen by the search engine’s as a vote of popularity and use it as part of the ranking factors.

The subject of SEO is a lot more complicated than the simple explanations we have given here. If you have a website that you would like to get to the top of the SERPs, then you would be well advised to seek out more in-depth research on the subject of organic SEO. It won’t be difficult to locate some good sources. Simply use the search engines. Its what they were created for!

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